Engineered Floors- Real wood From Europe

> 100% wood

> Possible to lay over underfloor heating

> Solid construction

> A floor resistant to changes in temperature and humidity

> Fast and easy DIY installation

> A product ready for use immediately after installation

> Possible to renovate



100% WOOD

Our floorboard are 100% wood product created from genuine wood. Wooden floorboards are healthier and more durable than any kind of synthetic imitation. Unlike laminate floors, they are pleasantly warm to the touch, also wooden  engineered floorboard can be sanded down and renovated with lacquer many times.






Our climate is a real challenge for the floor. Natural wood’s moisture content


will fluctuate depending on the weather outside. For this reason, it sometimes occurs that traditional wood floors swell, squeak or dry out causing splits. But not the engineered floorboard! It is made not from one, but three layers of real wood arranged in a cross structure. The cross construction reduces natural tension and compression of wood, provides a balance between the layers of the board, and thus guarantees the stability of the floor, even under changing weather conditions outside.
The floorboard’s layered structure ensures the floor’s stability and enables the forces of nature to be tamed as effectively as possible. It is perfectly suited for underfloor heating. 

SURFACE LAYER – selected European or exotic wood, oiled or lacquered.

MIDDLE AND BOTTOM LAYER – cross structure made of coniferous wood.



Below is our range of Engineered European Oaks, to see the full range visit Empire Floors showroom.







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