Laminate Flooring From Europe

 Laminate Flooring – For living

Laminate flooring can go everywhere. In living rooms, kitchens and laminate flooring melbourne bedrooms as well as in offices and hotels. Its innovative surface structures approximate the look & feel of wood. There is a huge array of different decors to choose from for impressively implementing your personal decorating style. These floor coverings are simple to install, hard-wearing and easy to clean. You’ll enjoy them for a long time with relatively little effort.

Laminate Flooring – Good for Your Health and the Environment

Laminate floors consists to about 90% of wood, a natural material. That’s why it has such an eco-friendly profile and delivers both health and environmental benefits. Everything is produced WITHOUT pesticides, chlororganic compounds, plasticisers or toxic heavy metals. Which is why European made laminate floors have such an outstanding environmental footprint.

Laminate Flooring – Simple to Install, Robust and Easy to Clean

Laminate flooring meets all expectations with regard to modern, personalized living. Thanks to a practical click-together system, laminate floors are easy for you to install yourself.  And so that you will continue to enjoy our floors for a very long time, they are robust, compression-proof, and strong.  Laminate floors are abrasion-resistant, lightfast and stain-resistant. They are easy to clean by vacuuming or wiping with a slightly damp mop. The smooth, unbroken surfaces prevent allergy-provoking microorganisms from accumulating. What you get is a clean, hygienically flawless floor – thus making laminate especially suited for people with allergies.





Laminate Flooring  Collections

12mm laminate floors





Vinyl flooring unites the two most desirable characteristics of flooring: beauty and durability. It presents a floor that is unbelievably durable and at the same time attractive in form, appearance and texture. Specially selected wood patterns that come to life in these numerous styles appear very realistic; this can be made to happen by uniting the newest achievements in technology, imitation of appearance, wood texture and surface protection.

Laminate Brand Specifications Links Brochures
empire-floors-laminate-flooring-melbourne-kronoswiss-dandenong Solid Chrome AC5 1380mm x 193mm x 12mm

Noblesse V4 AC4 1380mm x 193mm x 8mm

Giant AC5 1845mm x188mm x 12mm Swiss_Floors_2015_V2.pdf
Kronoswiss-Kronotex-laminate-flooring-in-melbourne-dandenong Mammut AC5 1845mm x 188mm x 12mm

Robusto AC5 1375mm x 188mm x 12mm

Exquisit AC4 1380mm x 193mm x 12mm Kronotex Katalog 2015 GB.pdf
Krono-Original-Kronoswiss-kronotex-laminate-flooring-in-melbourne-in Dandenong Vintage classic AC4 1285mm x 192mm x 10mm

Super natural classic AC4 1285mm x 192mm x 8mm

Grand Vintage next gen AC4 2400mm x 234mm x 10mm




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