The Beauty of Bamboo Flooring and its Ugly Side

Looking for a new flooring option that is pleasing to the eye?

Nothing compares to the exquisite look and texture Bamboo floors can bring into a room. Bamboo is emerging into a major competitor within homeowners flooring design choices, where it’s durable, versatile and sustainable.

Whilst today’s society attempts to become eco-friendly, Bamboo has consistently shown it’s considered a renewable resource. A freshly harvested bamboo plant grows at a rapid rate as it only takes approximately 7 years to reach maturity level ready to be collected again which is incredibly swift when compared with other harvested flooring trees.

Silver Ash

Silver Ash

Collectively a range of remarkable colours are available in Bamboo from the naturally grown colours in addition to stained options such as brown, black, and white, providing a visual feature that heightens the rooms feel. If you desire to further your selections a range of design options are available that can give a striking edge to the room.

When planning and designing the flooring area Bamboo comes in a range of sizes, with 125-135mm the most common choice in width and length anywhere from 1830-1880mm. Whilst considering the installation phase bamboo furthermore cannot be installed in large areas with expiation joints minimum of 8m x 8m and no less than 12mm expiation around the perimeter is allowed on installation.

With many important factors to consider here’s a list of downsides and benefits to assist the process




♦Inexpensive Bamboo collections may be prone to dents, scratches, shrinkage and cupping.

♦Bamboo can be sensitive to heat and moisture

♦Bamboo flooring purchased from China may contain high levels of urea formaldehyde (a toxic chemical)

♦Conduct research and make sure the flooring you are purchasing is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and is safe



♦Bamboo flooring provides a clean, refined and modern appearance to any room

♦Deliver’s a simple cleaning option as it’s easy to clean with a mop and mild soap with no special treatments required in the process

♦Wears as long as traditional hardwood floors

♦More sustainable than Hardwood floors, making Bamboo a pronounced choice when renovating.

Overall Bamboo floors can give a stunning appearance to any room and can be adapted to any decorating style with the variety of colour options available at affordable prices; a magnificent option in hardwood floors, so come in and discover the world of Bamboo.

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